20GP 8000KG

One day in March, I received an email from my friend, who said that he had a 20GP container to be shipped from China to Dubai port, the trade term is FOB, the goods are in Zhejiang Huzhou, the weight of the goods is 8 tons, and could we give him a price? At that time, I quoted the following price according to the condition of his goods:   Sea freight: 2900USD Booking fee: 300RMB/ container THC fee: 750RMB/ container Document fee: 450RMB/ container Manifest fee: 50RMB/ container Customs clearance fee: 100RMB/ ticket Equipment management fee: 100RMB/ container Insurance premium: value *1.1* 1/1000 Entry fee: according to actual Towing fee: 2250RMB(single release is calculated separately) Unpacking charge: actual (if any) Telex release fee: 500RMB (if any) Withholding fee: actual (if any)

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After my friend receives the quotation, he will send the quotation form to the foreign customer. The foreign customer thinks the price is quite reasonable, and then he asks my friend to help him arrange and book the space. After my friend sends me the letter of trust, I will send it to the shipping company for booking space. After the shipping company releases the space, we will confirm the loading time with the Huzhou factory, and then arrange the team to go to the factory to load containers at the agreed time.After loading the container, we will transport the container to Ningbo port area and wait for the ship to arrive. After the ship leaves, we will inform the customer to pay us the freight. After the freight is paid, we will send the BILL of lading to the customer. After the ship arrives in Dubai, the customer can take the BILL of lading to pick up the container at Dubai port. It takes more than 20 days from booking space to arrival of the goods at the port. The foreign consignee is also very satisfied with the timeliness of the goods, and we have been cooperating with each other in the follow-up shipment. We always send some gifts with Chinese characteristics to the Chinese New Year every time.

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