10CBM gravity blanket was shipped from Shaoxing, China to Toronto warehouse, Canada

At noon on October 12th, a customer sent a message asking whether we could deliver goods by Canadian sea transportation plus truck door to door transportation.

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On the morning of November 12th, our colleagues were developing customers as usual, and a customer happened to need to send 13 boxes of 200kg hats to a private address in Germany. Because of the strict inspection of textiles in Europe, the customer is worried about whether there is a problem in customs clearance. Therefore, we explained to the customer that all the goods shipped to Germany by air are cleared in Belgium. We have a professional customs clearance team in Belgium, and we will timely feedback and solve all kinds of problems in the process of customs clearance to ensure the safety of the goods. In addition, some data of textile customs clearance were presented to make customers trust us more. After showing our company's strength to the customer, he readily entrusted the goods to us and asked us to arrange the goods as soon as possible. After the customer placed the order, we immediately arranged a car to pick up the goods at the factory in Shaoxing. After the goods were brought to our warehouse in Shanghai, the staff of our warehouse weighed and measured the goods, and then stuck the UPS express sheet on the goods. Then wait for the flight to be arranged and the goods to be sent to the airport warehouse. After the plane takes off and arrives at the Belgian airport, our Belgian customs clearance team will clear the goods. After the clearance, the goods will be towed to our Belgian warehouse for disassembly. After the disassembly, the goods will be handed over to UPS staff for delivery, and the back-end delivery will take about 2-3 days. The above is a case of our German air freight + express channel, and it took 10 days to transport the goods. This channel mainly undertakes goods packed in cartons, and customers need door-to-door or DDP transportation.

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